Beat the heat with this delicious summer treat

It’s summertime in Tennessee and that means it is HOT. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees this week, it’s prime time to create a delicious treat that keeps you cool. We’ve got some awesome ice cream pairings that we know you will love! Swing by your grocery store or local ice cream shop and pick up a tub of your favorite ice cream and pair it with one of these suggestions below, or create your own pairing! Remember, it’s all about sugar and acidity when pairing sweets. You’ll want something pretty sweet so that the sweetness of the ice cream doesn’t outshine the wine, but as you slide along the fruit varietals and styles of ice cream, you have a whole world to play with. Check out some of our suggestions!

Pralines and Cream Ice Cream with a Semi-Sweet Riesling

Our wine picks:

Sarah’s Choice Riesling by Amber Falls

2020 Sweet Riesling by Chapman Hill Winery

Both of these Tennessee Rieslings are semi-sweet with notes of blossom on the palate and honey on the nose. You’ll also pick up on a crisp, ripe fruit flavor that will smooth out when paired with the creamy vanilla flavors in the ice cream. The ribbons of caramel throughout the ice cream will offer an enjoyable compliment to the honey that you pick up in the wine. It’s hard to pass up a pairing this delicious!

Strawberry Ice Cream with Rosé

Our wine picks:

2017 Southern Rosé by Del Monaco

French Broad ~ Muscadine Rosé Wine

These Rosé wines offer you two different takes on a rosé. Del Monaco’s 2017 Southern Rosé has more fruit flavors and lots of strawberry to bring out those strawberry flavors in the ice cream. On the other hand, the French Broad Muscadine Rosé has that distinguished muscadine appeal and has is much more crisp, which means the creaminess of the ice cream will round out the wine. Both of these wines pair great with strawberry ice cream, and give you a picturesque summer treat.

Chocolate Ice Cream and Strawberry Wine

Our wine picks:

Strawberry Strut by Crown Winery

Valley Home Sparkling Strawberry by Beans Creek

Now that we’ve moved on to Chocolate Ice Cream, we are going full STRAWBERRY. These wines don’t just have strawberry in their flavor profile, they truly are strawberry. The richness of the chocolate balances perfectly with the tart strawberry flavors in the wine. Beans Creek’s Valley Home Sparkling Strawberry has bubbles which makes it perfect for those rich chocolate ice creams. Crown’s Strawberry Strut is crisp, sweet, and paired with chocolate gives us all of the “chocolate covered strawberry” feels. Plus who doesn’t love a good strawberry wine? We can think of a few songs that prove this wine is a favorite.

Vanilla Ice Cream and Fruit Wine

Our wine picks:

Blues by Beachaven Winery

Blackberry by Arrington Vineyards

Okay wine lovers, we have saved the best for last. If there’s anything that is a staple in Tennessee, it’s fruit wine. Best part about it? Fruit wine tastes AMAZING poured over Vanilla Ice cream. We recommend picking a berry fruit, but you could even try it out with peach, pear or plum for a unique twist. Skip the chocolate syrup and just drown your scoop in wine for the best summer treat ever. Add actual berries on top to garnish and enjoy your frozen treat!