that tell a story Crafting Tennessee Wines

Crafting Tennessee Wines
that tell a story

Wineries and Vineyards

In Tennessee

Tennessee Wine Country is sprinkled with unique wineries all across the state. From small, Mom & Pop shops to large vineyards that specialize in events, we have it all. Whether you’re planning a trip to the hills of East Tennessee, headed to the capital of Country Music in Nashville or looking to jive to the Memphis Blues, we’ve got wineries that you’ll want to visit. The more time you spend here, the more you’ll learn that your next adventure with Tennessee Wines is just a click away.


Wine Trails

History of Tennessee Wines


Early Growth

U.S. Department Agricultural report from 1880 citied 1,128 acres, producing 64,767 gallons of wine in Tennessee.


Prohibition Era

Tennessee ratifies the 18th Amendment and commercial production of wine stops.


First Commercial Crush

First commercial crush was processed at Highland Manor Winery In Fentress County.


TFWA Founded

The Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance was founded as a coalition of vineyards & wineries in Tennessee. 3 years later, the Viticulture Advisory Board was created by Governor Alexander


State Investment

With the help of the TN Department of AG, Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance was able to secure funding to hire the first full-time staff members for the industry. A year later, the Wine and Grape Board was created by Governor Lee.

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Festivals & Events

With a perfect trifecta of gorgeous scenery, weather, and wine, we have a list of spectacular events year-round.

Southern hospitality in every sip, that’s a Tennessee Wine story


Wineries and Vineyards


Learn about all of the companies a part of the association. Participation in wine festivals throughout the state, and inside tips on maneuvering through the political challenges of the wine industry.

Tennessee Fruit Varietals


Tennessee Wines work with more than 29 different varieties of grapes grown locally. Learn more about the fruit included in our grower’s creations, how our soil is the perfect condition for optimal growth, and the difference in imported and locally harvested fruit.

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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the history of the wine industry in Tennessee, are interested in which wineries grow or sell which varietals or want to learn more about what pairs well with Tennessee Wines, this is where you belong. Follow along with us as we tell you about the ins and outs (and secret magic) of the Tennessee Wines world.