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9937 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee 37922

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Stylolite Winery is located inside Crafty Bastard Brewery West . Crafty Bastard has long had a reputation for creating the most innovative, experimental, and just plain best beers in East TN and our brewmaster (a long-time home-winemaker and avid vinopile) has turned his attention towards producing some of the most interesting wines you’ll ever try.  All of our wines are dry but the similarities end there. Expect to see everything from full-bodied reds, light and zippy whites, and unique offerings such as a Cacao Liqueur Barrel-Aged Carmenere.

The name is a reference to the distinctive pink marble only found in the greater Knoxville area and provides the city with its nickname, “The Marble City.”  Stylolites are serrated surfaces within a rock mass formed in a deformation process that decreases the total volume of rock. They give many types of rock, particularly East TN pink marble, much of its distinctive character. East TN pink marble is so heavily prized that is has been used in architecture all over the world including the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museum, and the Downtown Knoxville Post Office

The name also provides inspiration for the wines as well. We are planning to use a percentage of East TN grapes in almost all our wines but we will also be selecting fantastic varietals from all over the world. Much like East TN pink marble, our wines have their foundations at home but have a global influence. In addition, stylolites are formed over the course of thousands or even millions of years. Most beers take 2-3 weeks to hit the taps but these wines will almost always take a year if not more to reach their peak.

We provide world-class, complex, dry wines in a casual, pet and kid friendly setting, complete with outdoor seating, ample parking, pizza, salads and sandwiches. We’re also a brewery so if you’d like to sample our sudsy creations those are available too. Cheers!

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