Honeytree Meadery


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918 Woodland Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37206

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(731) 418-5053

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Honeytree Meadery, located in East Nashville, is Nashville’s premier craft meadery. Founders Ross and Dru help modernize this ancient beverage. In good weather, the patio is open in the back. This makes for a lovely place to relax with a delicious glass of mead. Owners Dru and Ross encourage sustainable practices and hope to grow their hive to continue contributing to the environment. Here, we believe that our bees connect us to our ecosystem, our roots and our products. Dedicated to ensuring the conservation of these precious bees, we are home to over 30 hives. Each year, these hives produce the honey used in our Meade. We beleive in the emphasis of Economy, ecology, and education.

Ancient Drink, modern technique

At Honeytree Meadery, it starts with the bees and ends with a buzz. Honey from our apiary not only provides us with that sweet taste, but connects us to our ecosystem. Without the bees, there is no honey to make mead. Honeytree Meadery is committed to environmental stewardship through ecologically balanced business practices.  This means spurring growth in local apiaries, including our own located in East Nashville, and adding value to an existing agricultural product, honey.

For more information, visit us at: https://honeytreemeadery.com/

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