Forty Cannons Winery


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375 Oak Grove Lane
Henderson, Tennessee 38340

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As Chester County, Tennessee’s very first winery, Forty Cannons has a lot to prove.
We be trailblazin’ here, settin’ sail fer grand adventures, and we chose t’ do it in grand fashion.

Er….PIRATE fashion, that is.

Located on the beautiful, rollin’ landscape of Stillwaters Farm, Forty Cannons Winery is a boutique-style winery fashioned to honor the seafarin’, golden age ancestry of her founder, and specializin’ in small batch, hand-crafted wines.

Fact is, there won’t be any carbon copies of other winery’s fare.  Our mission is simple:  if it can be looted, pillaged, or otherwise nefariously come by, we’ll make wine out of it. Tis that pirate heritage, ye know…

Experience the uniqueness of Forty Cannons for yerself…