Delta Blues Winery


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6585 Stewart Road
Lakeland, Tennessee 38002

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Delta Blues Winery as just a seed of an idea—planted and dormant, much like a lot of ideas that have to be pushed aside for daily life to carry on— but it has finally bloomed. This winery rose from the fertile soil of the Mississippi River and produces delicious wines that range from dry to sweet.

Delta Blues Winery is a lovely winery located just outside the heart of Memphis, TN. Furthermore, the winery’s name came from the feeling that “Delta Blues” gives you.  Additionally, Delta Blues offers the people, the charm, the sophistication, the architecture, the land, the food and the music of the South.
To the left of the driveway is a small, calm lake, the vineyard growing and twisting along the grounds around it. Trees, standing stoically, border the entire property, making the winery feel like a special, hidden place in a valley.

Padding softly up the stone steps, you find your way to the wraparound porch. French doors open up into the building where the entire room is open with a wraparound bar that juts centrally from the back of the building. To the right, a gift shop displays products from local businesses. To the left, an open sitting area with large, inset windows looks out across the vineyard and over the lake.

Delta Blues has just expanded their line of wines to include cider!