Wholesaler Rebate

The Tennessee Wine and Grape Board was established by legislation and signed into law by Governor Bill Lee in May of 2019. The Board was established to support the growth of the wine industry and
was allocated funds that must be used to:

(1) Increase the number of wineries in this state;
(2) Improve the quality of wine produced by wineries in this state;
(3) Promote the wine industry and viticulture in this state; and
(4) Implement and maintain a wholesaler rebate program for Tennessee wineries.

In 2023 Tennessee’s Wine and Grape Board created the Wholesaler Rebate Program as a way to both improve the quality of wine produced in the state and promote the wine industry.

This is a reimbursement project administered by Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Alliance. The purpose is to encourage encourage wholesalers to distribute wine that is “blended, cellared, produced, vinted, made, or prepared” in accordance with TTB regulations and bottled/packed by a Tennessee winery.

Wholesalers will be reimbursed $20/case for wine distributed up to $2,400.00 per winery per program period.

Wholesalers may apply for this reimbursement by following the instructions and uploading documents below. Please pay special attention to the dates within the upload instructions.