Red Varietals



Sounds like: (kah-tao-buh)
Looks like: Pale Strawberry
Smells like: Wild Strawberries, Violets
Tastes like: Sweet Red Fruit, Watermelon Candy, Petrol
Pairs with: Spicy Pork Chops, BBQ, Kung Pao Beef
Try if you like: White Zinfandel

Sounds like: (sham-bor-san)
Looks like: Violet
Smells like: Plum and Cherries
Tastes like: Red fruit, bing cherries, earthy
Pairs with: Burgers, Pork Loin, Mushrooms, Brie, Camembert, Chocolate
Try if you like: Pinot Noir



Sounds like: (kahn-kord)
Looks like: Violet
Smells like: Plum Sauce, Potting Soil, Grape
Tastes like: Grape, Plum Sauce, Musk
Pairs with: Aged Cheese, BBQ

Sounds like: (nor-ton)
Looks like: Deep Ruby
Smells like: Black Cherry, Black Pepper, Dill
Tastes like: Black Currant, Black Cherry, Black Pepper, Chocolate
Pairs with: Venison, Beef, Blackened Fish
Try if you like: Cabernet Sauvignon


Sounds like: (muss-kah-dyne)
Looks like:  Pale Red
Smells like: Cranberry, Rubber Cement, Red Berry
Tastes like:  Cranberry, Petrol, Foxy
Pairs with:  Custard, Decadent Desserts, Asian Fusion


Sounds like: (nor-eh)
Looks like:  Purple to Garnet
Smells like: Tart Cherry, Cranberry, Raspberry
Tastes like: Tart Cherry, Cranberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Tobacco
Pairs with: BBQ
Try if you like: Cabernet Franc

White Varietals


Cayuga White

Sounds like: (tra-men-et)
Looks like:  Pale Yellow
Smells like: Floral, Lychee, Apricot
Tastes like: Lychee, Honeysuckle, Apricot
Pairs with: Roast Meats, Portobello Mushroom, Cajun Shrimp, Cheese
Try if you like: Gewürztraminer

Sounds like: (ki-u-gah)
Looks like:  Pale Yellow
Smells like: Green Apple and Mineral
Tastes like: Green Apple, Lemon Pith, Wet Stone
Pairs with: Light Foods,
Try if you like: Riesling or Viognier


Carlos Muscadine

Sounds like: (shar-doe-nel)
Looks like:  Lemon Yellow
Smells like: Citrus Fruit, Oak
Tastes like: Citrus Fruit, Oak
Pairs with: White Cheeses, Mushrooms, Salads
Try if you like: Chardonnay

Sounds like: (muss-kah-dyne)
Looks like:  Medium Yellow
Smells like: Yellow Apple, Rubber Cement, Lime Zest
Tastes like: Ripe Banana, Cranberry, Rubber Cement
Pairs with: Fruit, Custard, Trifle Cake

Seyval Blanc

Sounds like: (say-vahl-bahnc)
Looks like:  Golden to Light Straw
Smells like: Fresh Herbs, Crisp Pear
Tastes like: Pear, Flint, Green Herb
Pairs with: Grilled Meats and Vegetables
Try if you like: Viognier

Vidal Blanc

)Sounds like: (veh-dahl
Looks like:  Straw Yellow
Smells like: Pineapple, White Currant, Honeysuckle
Tastes like: Honeydew Melon, Lychee, Pineapple, Honeysuckle
Pairs with: Fruit Salad, Panna Cotta
Try if you like: Sauvignon Blanc

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