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About the Winery

The Story of Tennessee’s Oldest Winery

For over three decades, Highland Manor Winery has been producing fine, handcrafted wines in Jamestown, TN. Our owners, Frederick and Rhonda Moody, are committed to continuing the winemaking tradition in Tennessee.

Before Prohibition outlawed the sale of alcohol, Tennessee was one of the leading states in the country for grape production. Today, grape production in the state is on the rise, and Frederick and Rhonda Moody’s expansive family farm provides a wide range of microclimates, elevations, exposures and soil types, resulting in truly distinctive wines.

The Moodys also have a beef cattle operation along with other livestock and a large apiary. They produce Sawbriar Honey and occasionally wild berry jams, jellies, and traditional country hams.

Frederick and Rhonda bought the winery from his aunt and uncle, Gertie and Butch Campbell, who had owned the winery for 17 years. It was important to Gertie and Butch that a family member carried on with the winery once they retired.

The Winery’s Dedication to Quality

Our winery combines traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology, including all stainless steel equipment, to ensure that we create great tasting, high-quality wines. Our Tennessee winery strives to produce only the highest-quality wines.

Our winemaker Bill Tinch constantly adapts to the rhythms of nature, the readiness of the vineyards and the evolution of the individual wines. While the vineyards provide the consistent character of the fruit, our winemaking staff provides the invaluable experience. The winemaker’s work is constant and crucial to the winery, topping the barreled wines to minimize air contact as they develop, monitoring and measuring the young wines as they progress.