Beau Monde Vineyards

Beau Monde Vineyards
February 17, 2019 Jonathan Gatlin
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1300 Pleasant Hill Road, Martin, Tennessee 38237
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Beau Monde Vineyards is a small, family vineyard that was created to produce high quality grapes, and eventually wine, in Northwest Tennessee. The first 2 acres of vines were planted in 2014 and the first crop of Chambourcin, Chardonel and Noiret grapes was harvested in 2016. This crop as well as the 2017 crop were sold to Arrington Vineyards.

Two acres of Crimson Cabernet and one acre of Cabernet Dore’ were planted in 2016 and the first crop will be harvested in 2018.

Tasting Room Coming Summer of 2019

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