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New Treatment for Grape Root Borer Control
Dr. David Lockwood has provided this paper, which may be on interest to TFWA members.
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Paid Listings on the TFWA App
By: Jonathan Ball
February 1, 2012

Below you will find the Business Listing Sales Sheet that can be used to allow specific Dining and Lodging business to advertise through the App.  

The price for a 1 year standard listing is $100, but they can also add up to 4 additional photos for $25 each.  

The form is pretty straight forward with all of the information and payments coming to me so I can verify all of the information is correct.  I will forward funds to Alice to be deposited into the TFWA Account.  If anyone has questions, just let me know

Currently there are other businesses on the App under Dining and Lodging that do not pay to be there.  These were put in place to give our end user something to look at until we have enough paid listings to update the App with.  Once we have, at minimum, 10 Dining & 10 Lodging that are paid listings, I will have the other businesses removed.

Cheers! JB

TN Wine Country Business Listing Pdf.pdf 57.1 KB