GPS: The Global Positioning System

For your convenience, we have included GPS coordinates for each winery.  This will certainly be of use to people who have Garmin, TomTom, Magellan and other GPS navigation units in their cars.

Please note that all of our coordinates are in decimal-degrees format
For example: 35.81807, -83.57864

If you'd like like to experiment, try copying any of our GPS coordinates and pasting them, as is, into Google Maps or Google Earth.  The map will zoom in directly to that winery.

When entering our coordinates into your GPS device, please make sure you have your unit set for decimal degrees.  Here's how to do this on a Garmin Nuvi; other GPS units probably work in a similar manner.

To set a Garmin Nuvi to decimal degrees:
Click on "Where to?".
Click the down arrow.
Click "Coordinates".
Click "Format" at the bottom of the screen.
Touch the button marked "h ddd.dddddº" to select that option.  (This is the decimal degrees option.)
Click "OK".
This is where you'll enter the coordinates in decimal degrees. 

Enter our first number (for example: 35.81807) in the box after the "N".  (This means North latitude, as in north of the equator.)

Enter our second number (for example: 83.57864) without the minus sign in the box after the "W".  (This means a longitude in the Western Hemisphere.)

This may seem a little complex at first, but you'll quickly get used to it. 


Converting Decimal Degrees to Hours, Minutes, Seconds

If you'd prefer to convert our decimal degrees to hours, minutes seconds, the FCC provides a web page where you can do that.  Personally, we like decimal degrees because they are simple and easy to type.  However, your GPS device will support other formats if that's what you like.